Eat, Drink & Sleep

Make sure that your child has taken a nap and eaten before the session.  If you bring food for toddlers, please keep it out of sight.  As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t want it in the photo, leave it outside the studio door.  Similarly, it’s best to get their favorite raggedy blanket or doll out of their hands before entering the vehicle to leave for the studio if at all possible.  For the older children, please make sure they are clean, dressed , and ready to go when you arrive – no stamps, tattoos (use baby oil to remove), dirty nails, or sand-filled shoes.


Infantography Portraits has a few favorite props on hand to keep your baby happy and smiling, especially once they start moving – a simple soft ball, steps to pull up on, a stable chair to climb into, and pearl necklaces always keep them occupied.  If your child has a favorite toy that brings big smiles, make sure to pack it but please keep it out of sight until the baby is in place.  Hats are fun in general, so if you have one that you like, bring it!  You may even want to “train” your child beforehand to keep it on.

Clothing Suggestions

Infantography Portraits prefers a natural style of photography that captures everyone’s unique personality (including yours if you’re planning to be included in the session).  We like to focus on the simple beauty of your child or children.  For this reason, we discourage loud and busy clothing.  We suggest wearing darker colors for contrast if black and white photos are preferred.  Plain tees and turtlenecks also help bring the focus to faces not clothes, and solid fabrics are best.  It’s very important that everyone’s clothes have been tried on before the session and that they are pressed, without stains, and hemmed (kids tripping over pants that are too long are not the happiest, optimal subjects).  Bare feet are preferred.



If your child has a cold or ear infection, or is otherwise not feeling 100%, please reschedule.  A 24-hour notice for cancellations is preferred, but it is better to call as soon as possible or even at the last minute if an illness is present.  Please do not show up with a sick or cranky baby.  Infantography Portraits keeps a waiting list and may be able to fill the appointment.

Cuts & Abrasions

Minor scratches are quite common among babies.  If you wait for your baby to be perfect, the session may never take place.  If there are noticeable skin abrasions that bother you, Infantography Portraits will edit them out of the portraits before printing at no additional cost to you.